We deliver from 11am to 9.30pm. Call us and we will do our best to prepare your order as soon as we can. The minimum order is 200K Rp with a 20K Rp charge for delivery.


Stracciatella, houmous, eggplant caviar, Pepper, aragula, bread, kalamata olive… 95        

Tuna sashimi, rice, cabbage, kimchi, ginger                         95                 

Cesar salad (chicken,bacon,romane, bread)                          80                                   


Our blend of lemon-grass, ginger, sesame oil, galanga, kaffir lime, plume, tamarin, lime, chili, holly basil and many more ingredients… and of course linguine aldente, fresh herbs from our garden and a selection of : beef, seafood, vegetable, tempe…. 90


Tomato gaspaccio, smoked pepper, grapefruit oil, stracciatella     75

Ceviche tuna coco passion fruit                                       55

Vegetable Tartare (thai basil, red curry, kaffir lime) 50


Dhal , mix of lentils and spices, coconut milk, chapati            60

Pumpkin soup, lemon-grass, ginger, coriander, toast bread      60

Grandes assiettes

Cesar salad (chicken,bacon,romane, bread)    80                        

Linguine, crabe soupe, thaï basil pesto, calamri, shrimp          85

Grilled fish mango aromatic paste, eggplant, kimchi               98                                       

Seven hours lamb, spiced juice, mashed potatoes                    130

The traditional Indonesian  beef Rendang                             105

The traditionnal Indonesian vegetarian Rendang 85

Grilled duck breath, French fries, juice, shallot       160                                              


Creamy chocolat cake, dark chocolat ice cream  65

Apple and cardamom french pie, vanilla ice cream 55

 Lime cheesecake 65

 Chocolat mousse, coconut, salted caramel, peanut   65     

Mango and Vanilla Parfait   85