chef at home

Chef At-Home

Private, in-home chef

  • Our  chef, Simon, will organise a lunch or dinner for you in the comfort of your own villa!
  • Available 7 days a week, afternoon and evening. Reservations to be made 24 hours in advance or 48 hours for more than 8 people. 
  • Our chef will take care of everything from shopping for ingredients at the market, bread, preparation, services, as well as the tidying and cleaning of your kitchen.
  • Our at-home service covers the Bingin, Padang-Pandang and Uluwatu areas. 

Contact by telephone or email, fine tuning of the required menu, analysis of the kitchen and cooking appliances at your home for the best delivery of the lunch or dinner service. 

The time of arrival will be discussed and agreed upon by yourself and the chef. 

Dining table set up is to be done by the client.

Assistance from somebody at the residence for carrying hot plates is preferable. However, a waiter is available for wine and hot plate service as well as dining table set up, at the request and cost of the client.

All equipment is arranged and delivered by the chef for up to 8 people. All tablecloths and glassware are to be provided by the client. 

The menu is designed for everybody, with the exception of those with particular dietary requirements or allergies.  

If you wish, the chef can offer you an option to include a selection of wines on the menu, or you may take the pleasure of drinking your own selected wines. 

A range of food can be prepared such as a beautiful BBQ with mixed salads and a range of meat and fish, or an Asian buffet style set up serving street food with mixed dishes from Indian, Thai and Indonesian influences. Why not a tasting menu with six courses? 

Let us know what you prefer and we will do our best to satisfy you.

Here’s a sample of various menu’s that might suit your event:

  • Tuna carpaccio, yusu sauce, marinated daikon, fleur de basil 
  • Duck fillet, butternut, ginger and coffee juice, eggplant 
  • Mango desert dishes: crumble, mango sorbet, mango carpaccio and smoked vanilla


  • Lobster, kafir lime juice, thaï basil coriander
  • Grilled Mahi mahi, cauliflower, grilled peanut oil, pickles
  • Lime cheesecake 

Six Course Tasting Menu

  • Appetiser: octopus tempura, citrus  and pickles 
  • Saint Jacques carpaccio, Tahitian grand cru vanilla 
  • Wagyu beef shabu shabu style 
  •  Grilled barramundi, cauliflower, black lentils, pistachio oil 
  • Duck breast, mango and turmeric, black cardamom juice, butternut 
  • Chocolate mousse, coconut, salted caramel and peanut